In the 50’s and 60’s when TEAL (Tasman Empire Airlines Ltd) and NAC (National Airways Corporation)
were branding New Zealand as a flight destination, the caption “Be There Longer” distinguished the
swiftness of a flight to that of driving domestically or sailing overseas to New Zealand by ship.

Linwood Lipanovic (“Lin”) was born in 1915 in Port Albert, Northland.  He was the son of a Dalmatian
migrant who left the political unrest of Europe for the gumfields of Northland.  Lin grew up in Port Albert
where he developed an interest in studying architecture.  However the cost to pursue these studies was
prohibitive for his family, and instead he enrolled in Elam Arts School.

Not long after he was employed into a good position with an advertising agency J. Walter Thompson
Studios, the Great Depression intervened and he fell victim to the “last on first off” rule of retrenchment.  
With the advent of World War II he found an alternate to employment.

His war years were spent in the Pacific working in camouflage. In the latter years of the war Lipanovic
was put in charge of Korero (an illustrated magazine for New Zealand troops overseas).  

After the war he went to work with a friend he studied with at Elam, then worked in a small agency of
three at Carlton Carruthers, where the agency rapidly expanded over the decades and Lin eventually
became a director.

Be There Longer – The Poster

Linwood Lipanovic has carefully transformed the tail of a plane into a sun-baked vacationer lying on a
beach under a plane-filled sky.  This was produced in the mid 1950’s. This poster features in Paste Up
A Century of New Zealand Poster Art (Thompson 2003).

The book 40 legends of New Zealand Design (Jenkins, 2006) claims that Lipanovic’s masterwork is “Be
There Longer”.

Better Fly to New Zealand – The Poster

Lin experimented with colour, and one of the TEAL timetables was produced in chocolate brown and
pink.  This graphic design was produced approximately 1955.

Lipanovic – the man

“Dad was always modest about anything he did – from building boats to building his own house.  He
was very clever with his hands mechanically and artistically.  He was a great Dad and taught me many
things – unfortunately art wasn’t one of them.

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